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Our work is an extension of who we are. And it takes up a large portion of our time. Which is what makes it so important to be spending time doing the work you love.

In the late ’90’s I went in for a job interview for a position in a factory. I submitted a resume an application and showed up for the interview. During that discussion, as the HR rep was asking me questions related to me and my skills necessary for the job, I started to think. Is this her job? So interesting, that she literally gets to talk to people and ask them questions about themselves and this is her job? That was a split second thought but it stayed with me for a long time.

Fast forward to a decade later and I was that lady. Sitting across from potential candidates, asking them questions, learning about them and their interests. And it all turned out to be just as fascinating as my initial question was back then.

People are so interesting and one of my favorite questions I liked to ask was about why they chose the major they did or end up studying or learning this particular skill. And although the answers always varied, people have some innate quality in them that makes them a match for certain things.

Some people are just really good at problem solving and so they were drawn to analytical type work. Some couldn’t stop themselves from talking in class and so they had to find a profession where they could connect with people regularly. Yet others might have a drive to organize and clear clutter, so they are driven to help others in this same way.

It's so important to feel good in what you do day in and day out. And if you recognize this changing in you or things around you change forcing you to shift it’s important to honor that which you know to be true and know that you can give yourself permission to change.

Most people change their career multiple times during the course of their working life. If you could benefit from more direction in your current career path, or maybe are in the process of actively looking to find a different job or expand your current position. I’ve love to be a resource for you.

I am a career consultant and you schedule time with me by sending inquiry to my email at I look forward to connecting with you.


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