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There is this term in photography called saturation. And a lot more people are familiar because photo editing software is so available now. Saturation will bring out the color in your

photos, adding vibrancy and concentration to make your colors stand out more. I often edit photos I take and almost always increase the saturation to make the effect more drastic.

I hate to admit that all this week I've been experiencing tree jealousy, all up and down my block people have planted trees that are now maroon, orange, and fire red. I noticed this morning in an impromptu trip to the store that my trees have almost all turned yellow except some still had green ends. Sort of the strangest thing.

I mentally noted that I'd have to check that out later ,which I did, and when I went up close and really noticed I could see the amazing effect the trees were having while changing color.

And to top it all off, it has been misting all morning so everything is wet. Saturated. And when you see the color craziness happening on the leaves, it pops even more because the layer of wetness over the top makes the colors so vivid!

I felt inspired to take some photos, some I'll include here and the rest over on my Instagram and Facebook.

Being outside and amongst this truly amazing feat of nature really made me feel like I was witnessing something truly special, as in, wait one more day and you won't see this kind of special.

And the word saturate kept rolling through my mind as I was taking photos and relishing the experience.

Aren't we all looking to have saturation in all experiences? What if we could add vibrancy and make every color or event stand out to the fullest degree? Isn't that maybe what it's all about? Feeling alive through all things beautiful and colorful and unique and in this moment?

For today, that sounds like a great definition for me.

Enjoy my wonder walk this morning through these photos.

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