Only doing stuff that you are good at makes your world smaller. Perfect keeps you stuck in a loop of only doing the things you feel you can succeed in. If we walked around only doing the things we felt we could have success in, we'd never grow and expand. Perfectionism can take on many forms. And is generally created from some belief that you will receive something on the other side of a perfect accomplishment. If everything is in order and I have developed the answer to a question then I receive acceptance or approval. Let's try an activity. I want you to think about some aspect of your life, or some activity you aren't very good at. Could be something like sports, or maybe it's planni

Being a catalyst

People limit their thinking all the time when it comes to creativity. Immediately people go to artistic endeavors or "other people" who they know who do this. I believe it is innate in each and every one of us. And I'm going to show how expanding creativity helps in every aspect of your life, not just growing a hobby or developing an artistic skill. I heard a statistic the other day that most of the jobs our kids will do in the future have not been created yet. What does that mean? Well, it means we need to evolve just as quickly as future demands put on us, it means we can't just settle for a job that has been pre-identified. We need to be actively encouraging our kids to look for what

Heart Spaced Living

I find that the times I struggle the most are when I am stuck in a head space and not my heart space. If you put some time and attention on that right now, feel the difference between those to areas. For me the head space feels shallow and reverberates, bouncing back and forth without really creating direction. If I center into my heart space, it feels deep, almost limitless, and hearing or feeling into it makes me feel supported and more myself. When you move into heart centered living, all of the head things fall away, living from your heart means aligning all areas of your life in integrity. Meaning that you are not a different person at work, than you are at home, you say the same thin

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