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I get new inspiration daily to do lots of different things. I use to really beat myself up over starting projects and not finishing them, and lately it's been a challenge to start something one day and want to pick it back up with the same enthusiasm the next day. Even consistency feels like a chore.

We are a family that watches 'the office' frequently on Netflix, and the reason we get pulled back to that show so often is that we can't agree on other things we like to watch and it always makes us laugh. But I have to admit that sometimes turning the show back on makes my skin crawl and my frustration level rise, because I can only watch the 'run for rabies' episode 20 times and then it no longer is funny to me. And I actually have other areas of my life that show up that way too, when something becomes too routine or mundane that doing something the same way again makes me feel like I might be going insane.

Now don't get me wrong this isn't to say that I do things differently every day, even I like some sort of routine, but have I done anything routine for years? Nope probably not. And I am completely ok with it. I've allowed myself to step outside of the voice that says, you should really finish somethings. Or if you keep quitting you'll never be successful (false-in a Dwight voice).

So I've introduced myself to a new friend these days grace and allowing. Allowing myself to do what feels right in the moment regardless of what it may look like on the outside.

I fully believe that we are creative beings each and everyone of us, and just because we choose something different, try a different way or want to stop doing something completely, I say, go for it! Change it up, new energy, new faces, try something new, don't do it the same way people have always done it. It's creative evolution, baby. And it's how a movements start. Even if the only thing you are changing is how you feel. Which when you think about it isn't that the only thing that matters anyway?

I hope you blaze a fresh new trail for yourself today and whether it works out or whether is doesn't, I'm on your side, saying, yes! good for you, you did it and now you know and you can never go back to the person you were before you tried. Keep going.


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