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Here we go....

Well, it's time to jump into the deep end of the pool and start pouring my heart out to anyone who wants to read it. Just kidding, none of that will be happening here. However I have for a while now, wanted to have a platform to share more of the creations I make as well as share some short words of wisdom or thoughts from yours truly. So, here we go, the first of hopefully many posts.

And fitting to highlight a new beginning, a beautiful sunrise!

I captured this image on my Iphone on my commute to work. I occasionally catch them, and wish I would take more time to do this. And really sit to reflect on the beauty of its beauty as it lights up the sky every day.

I ran across a quote on Pinterest once, that I neglected to Pin (Pin-regret, anyone else get this?) Luckily through my friend google I found it back again...

So, if you feel so inspired to watch a beautiful spectacle get up a bit earlier tomorrow to take in this natural beauty, sip your coffee on the deck and raise your cup to toast this daily wonder!


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