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Times like these.....

Insert Foo Fighters: learn to live again, It's times like these you learn to love again. It is a unique time isn't it? Where you get to create your own definition of what this all means to you.

(BTW have you ever experienced concert regret? I have major concert regret for not going to see Foo Fighters when they were 30 minutes away, I totally blew that one.).

Anyway. Times like these you really do put things into perspective, you re-learn what is most important to you, you recalibrate to the essentials of what you love.

I may be sheltered in my experience of all this but it turns out I already live a pretty 'quarantined' life. I work from home with all the things I do.

Which doesn't mean that I've sheltered myself from seeing or experiencing some level of fear over all that's out there posted in the media. Or that I'm exempt from having this all affect me in any way.

Significant challenge also brings about unique ingenuity. Shifting perspectives from 'I can't' to 'How could we do this differently'. Or really looking at the essence of what we do. Why am I doing this? Do I enjoy it? Am I just on automatic? Maybe it's time to question my motives and what I'm really looking to do.

I would never wish hardship on anyone, but sometimes it allows for new ideas, new ways to do things and new perspectives. All of those things are good, and wouldn't have come unless there was a hardship.

We are all being called to do things differently, and for some it snaps us awake to learning more about the strength we have within, or redirects us to another way of being. I embrace all of it. We are here to create and while we consciously do a lot of that day to day, sometimes things are created around us that appear undesirable. But there is always opportunity in the contrast of life.

I have found that if I find myself being drawn toward fear, either through what I read in the media, or stories people tell me, or connecting to others who may be in fear. I stick to a few key mantras that help me honor my feeling, and remain objective about my experience. And instead of looking outside at things I can't or don't control, paying attention to all the things I do.

How I feel, and what thoughts I choose.

"All is well"

"In a long view, things really do work out"

"I am happy for my, family friends (insert your own)"

What a perfect time to feel reflective, draw those near to us even closer and appreciate all that you love about them. Communities all over are banding together to help each other, there's never been a better time to reach out to others (in a socially distant way) and connect.

The rain we are getting here today is working to green up the place and spring is near.

I'm thankful for you, and hope you find joy in your day.

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