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~  "I had no idea what the absence of stress felt like until I had a ThetaHealing session with Jessica!  I was having anxiety, tightness around my heart, crying sad, feelings of hopelessness until the night Jessica told me about ThetaHealing and I still just can't believe it!  Within minutes I could feel changes, first my chest relaxed and the crushing weight that had been sitting on my heart was gone, my anxiety went away and I felt joyful, happy and hopeful!  Jessica has helped me through Theta a few times and each time I am blown away with it!  She is an amazing healer, kind, compassionate, friendly and she really cares about you and she absolutely loves to help people!  No matter what you are going through I have faith that she can help" KT

~"As for my back, it’s seriously remarkable. After the session my upper back tension completely went away. I can still feel knots there to the touch, but I don’t feel any of the pain associated with it. It’s like having a gigantic bruise that you can see, but not knowing that it’s there because I cant feel it. So, that leads my boyfriend to believe that I’m imagining it, but it’s literally disappeared. My lower back pain worsened for a couple of days after the treatment. But now, it’s literally gone. It got so bad that I couldn’t even stand up or walk around for a whole day (maybe three days after talking to you) and now it’s perfectly fine. And, I did nothing to treat it because I wanted to see if this alone could heal it. And for my migraines, I still haven’t had one since treatment. That’s pretty cool. I’m seriously shocked by the results" JS

~  "With Jessica's help, I have been able to achieve so much spiritual and personal growth in such a short period of time.  During my first session with Jessica, she helped me dissolve some limiting beliefs, most I didn't realize were affecting me until afterwards.  I feel as though this step was crucial in helping me achieve the growth I have since then.  I knew the first session was powerful, as I felt instantly lighter and clearer. Jessica helped connect me with my spirit guides.  This introduction is something that I consider invaluable.  I now feel my guides presence at least daily. Because of these sessions, I now realize how all things are possible and how easy life was meant to be" M

~  "Recently, I had begun experiencing generalized anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety was a whole new spectrum of emotion for me. My doctors recommended traditional treatments which would include anti-anxiety medicines.  I knew my anxiety could be overcome naturally, with meditation and alternative methods. In my first conversation with Jessica, she found negative thoughts and mental barriers. She helped adjust this,  I instantly felt calmer and lighter.  She quickly and accurately identified some of my deepest thoughts, self criticisms and emotional hang ups; thoughts I never felt I could share or vocalize effectively with others. When she took away the negative, she replaced it with joy and optimism.  Afterwards, I found myself laughing more. I am able to appreciate and enjoy the world around me.  I feel a stronger connection to my faith and the Creator. Even my family noticed the change, they were missing my smiles,  and so was I" BD.

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