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I don't know what I want to be when I grow up

There I said it. Actually, I'm not sure I want to grow up, people always make it sound like a drag.

Remember when you were getting close to graduation in High School and your high school guidance counselor had you take one of those tests that tells you what your future career should be? I honestly don't remember taking any of them but I know they exist.

When I was 17, the only thing on my mind was, I can't wait to just have the freedom to do what I want when I want, whenever I want. And I did. I may have gotten in a little trouble with that type of attitude but I survived to live another day.

What if we just stepped back and redefined how we shape and mold kids these days. What if they didn't really need to decide their senior year, where will you go to college, tech school, what will you make of your life?

I'm 41, and still feel like I'm just learning now what a dream job is.

Want to hear mine? Here's what I've gotten so far........Goes like this:

I want to do work where I can use my innate gifts every single day

I want to get paid in abundance, just for being myself

I want to have fun every single day

I want to work with people who lift me up, and continue to challenge me in positive ways

I want to listen to peoples stories and help them unravel it so they can find a direction and feel good about it

I want to see the impact of the work I do

I want to help people see the beauty in every day life

I want to inspire, speak and uplift the people I am around and have those types of people around me

I want my job to be one people wonder, how did she get that gig? So I can tell them I did it and you can too.

Sound too simple? Well how often is the most complicated thing the best? Hardly never.

Out of all I've written here today, I want you to feel like you can loosen up all the rules you created or accepted about where you are at today. If you have gotten to a spot you don't love, or maybe even dread, I'd love to help you unwind your story, connect to inspiration and start to write a new one.

This month I'm offering a new service, allow me to guide you on this journey. I'd love to connect and have a free 20 minute consult on where you've been and where you'd like to go.

I have over two decades coaching in a business setting, a lifetime of experiences, and a real keen sense about which areas could help you shift your life for the better. I'd love to chat with you more.

Learn more here

E-mail me at :

or phone: 605-691-4312

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