What will you be when you grow up?

My oldest turns 14 tomorrow, and I have to say it brings a bit of a tear to my eye to think about how fast she's grown. And in only 4 short years she'll be getting ready to leave the nest. I'm guessing if you resonate with that you'll get a little fuzzy eyed with that comment too ;). She told me the other night she took an online test to see what her superpower is, and it told her she should work with animals and her superpower is communicating with them. That made me chuckle a bit because she is slightly obsessed with our cats (as are me and my husband). The other day she took polaroids of the cats to school so she could look at them while she was in class. I love this actually. I do t


Upleveling is where you decide or have a drive to do something different 'better, let's say', perhaps trying to create a better version of yourself. In terms of upleveling usually means you are making some conscious change for your betterment. Maybe trying to stay present more, maybe trying to eat healthier, or other self help habits for your betterment. Have you ever heard of the saying, you are the sum of the people you have around you? And this is true from a people stand point. But it is also true from an energetic standpoint too. When you have a routine or pattern, those energetic imprints stay in place until they are released and something better is picked to replace the old. Whe

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