Take action, share your gifts

Committing to action. Well I finally did it. I finally committed. I decided that I would after 10 months of living in our new house. I put a nail in the wall. And then I proceeded to put a bunch of nails in the wall ;). I have approximately 31 paintings I finally mounted on my walls this weekend. Up till now they were leaning up against a few walls, stacked in piles in the basement and I decided I'd had enough. I committed to take action. I'm not sure what kind of fear I had popping up over the nails, maybe that I couldn't repair it if I made a mistake? But that's not really true, spackle is easy and so is painting over a tiny spot. But I waited a long time. Now that it's done I c

Just keep going.

How often have you set your sights on a certain end goal and shortly after you begin you quickly realize you have bitten off more than you can chew. Your end goal is going to test your ability and resolve to reach the end. Part of the way through you look at what you've done so far and a critical voice shows up from the back of your mind. That's not good enough, or that's so far from what you thought it would be, maybe you should scratch it and start over, or maybe you should just give up and take a path of least resistance. I find so many metaphors in how I create art to the larger picture of things that happen in my life. Yesterday as I was creating this piece of art, I got to my secon


Validation is all about confirming what we though in our gut with what is reflected to us from the outside world. It can take on many forms. Sometimes we receive validation on things we like about ourselves and sometimes on things we don't like. So why is it necessary. Well from a very young age we start to learn to trust less and less that little voice inside us telling us the right thing for us. And so when we are not sure about if this is the right thing, we have been taught to not count on the sense we get within us and ask others outside of us what is right or wrong. It is basically handing over your power to someone else. What we fail to do but I would argue should do more of is l

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