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Babbling Brook

After you look at this image, do you hear water running down a stream? Well if you didn't before you do now. Feel free to just hang out in that space for a bit, get yourself refreshed. In fact if you want to imagine dipping your feet into the stream, be my guest. Its the perfect temperature, and once you put your feet in, you can start to feel the shifting sand underneath, sort of scrubbing or sifting through.

I am always just so amazed at how nature has this universal effect on people.

Everyone knows the sound of a babbling brook, everyone has felt sand under their feet. And it always uplifts our spirits.

There's nothing that nature asks from us ever.

She just gives, and heals and restores.

We spend a lot of time heads down, or distracted in our everyday lives. Maybe if we took a few moments each day to put our feet in the sand, take in a deep fresh breath and look at the beautiful greenery around us, we could shift our mood, or realize the problem we have isn't really that big of a problem. And what's in this now moment should we choose it, is true and real, and this is where we are, so let's be fully here.

Have an amazing day.

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