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Try it, you'll like it

There is a photo in a photo album somewhere of my dad probably in his 30's or 40's and he's wearing a shirt that says in big bold letters: Try it, you'll like it.

This makes me laugh so hard because firstly it's hard to imagine my dad wearing funny shirts, but also there is notably some undertone there also which makes it even funnier.

This picture that I included here includes some artistic experiments. Big surprise I know. The underside is finger painting which is how I generally start all my paintings. I layered colors starting with the bluish layer, then light blue, then green and finally the hot pink. Those magenta glitter specks are spots of glue that I sort of flinged at the canvas with a paintbrush, then I dusted glitter so they stuck to where the splatter landed.

I had no clue what this painting would look like in the beginning. I just started and kept going. I'm on a similar adventure now. I've taken to weaving I don't know a lot about it, but there's Pinterest, so pretty much you can find whatever you are looking for there ;). And after you read all the 'here's how you should do it' videos, sometimes you step outside of that and just try stuff. like adding buttons, or weaving on something more traditional or less.

Currently in process I have this bad boy. I had a vision for this the other day where I create my own loom and start to build on that. But I can't do anything traditionally so, how do I put a spin on things? How about weaving slanted.....we'll see how that turns out.

My whole point here is, you should really just try stuff. People get so jazzed up with if they mess up or if it will ruin something, but there's almost nothing that can't be salvaged if you keep working at it. So that thing you've been thinking of, that you kinda want to try? Try it!

The world needs more tryers!

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