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Is your heart in it?

Ooof, that is a tough question? What's with the hard question today? Well let's not dive into the deep end of the pool just yet. Let's start with your physical heart.

What is the function of your heart? Well it's an essential organ. You can't live without one. It's responsible for circulating blood and oxygen to the rest of your body. It is encased by your lungs and a ribcage all protecting this vital organ. Ok, that's about as medical as I can get about the heart. I'm sure there are many other medical purposes. But my point is that your heart is integral to your survival.

Let's talk more metaphorically now, there are so many sayings pointing to how energetically your heart plays a part in your function outside of your physical body. Wearing your heart on your sleeve, having a heavy heart, when you loose someone you love. Playing with someones heart strings. While these are all things we say from time to time. I'll tell you that many of the clients I meet with have old energies hanging around their hearts. Many people hang on to grief when they lose a loved one. Some will store burdens or separation there.

Some will even have pieces missing when they break away from past relationships. Some will build up walls around their hearts and only let people get at an arms length.

These energetic issues may affect you in other areas of your life. If you are holding burden or anger in your heart, this means you can't be open and present to those currently in your life. Or maybe you are open but because you've never been taught true connection without getting something in return that love always only comes with a cost. Or maybe you are committed to someone but can never truly let your guard completely down, in case you have your heart broke again.

So back to my original post, your heart is an integral part of our being, both physically and energetically, and when there is malfunction in one area can mean you see it show up in another.

It's so important to be in tune with all of your physical aspects, and pay attention to where some of these blockages may reside. Many times having conscious awareness can help you release and move past them. But for those issues that are especially sticky or potentially subconscious, I'd love to help you.

I take 1:1 phone sessions by appointment, and am available for in person work in the Sioux Falls area.

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