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I sometimes feel like the simplest tools can be the most profound. I watched a video over the weekend from Kyle Cease (ever heard of him?). This particular video was about connecting back to what is best for you. He talked about when you make decisions feel into which ones feel lighter or which ones feel heavier. And if you consistently connect with those lighter decisions you will continue to expand.

Your body is a barometer continuously sending you messages. And when you start to tune into those messages you understand a broader picture of why it's showing up.

At a base level, you can start to pay attention to what is your yes, and what is your no.

Take a moment right now. Close your eyes (well actually, read this paragraph, then close your eyes). Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breathes. Think of something that you know brings you happiness. Pay attention to how that feels in your body. Now on the opposite end, think of something that is a negative issue. and pay attention to where that shows up in your body.

You should notice a subtle difference. And when you start to bring those feelings into your awareness, you can use this in other aspects.

A quick simple tool but has the ability to be life transforming.

Confused with what your body is telling you? Haven't connected back to yourself in a while? I'd love to work with you to identify what these things are telling you and help you remove blocks to your best life.

I conduct 1:1 sessions over the phone or locally in the Sioux Falls area.

e-mail to schedule at time.

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