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Upleveling is where you decide or have a drive to do something different 'better, let's say', perhaps trying to create a better version of yourself. In terms of upleveling usually means you are making some conscious change for your betterment.

Maybe trying to stay present more, maybe trying to eat healthier, or other self help habits for your betterment.

Have you ever heard of the saying, you are the sum of the people you have around you? And this is true from a people stand point. But it is also true from an energetic standpoint too. When you have a routine or pattern, those energetic imprints stay in place until they are released and something better is picked to replace the old.

Whenever you are going about a change, or an upleveling of yourself, it's so important to look at what will it take to create and keep a new pattern.

First this starts with some reflection work. What can be holding this type of pattern in place for me? are there other connected factors I need to release along with the old habit I'm trying to break free from?

I want you to think for a moment first about your why. It's important as you continue on your journey of your better self that you understand why you are doing it in the first place. Is there some unconscious drive? Dig deeper, what are you really searching for? Once you have a better understanding or reflection on this, keep this at your core. You'll need it to successfully move past your current state.


​I don't have to relay back to you the importance of upleveling, you already know innately that we are continuously evolving into a better version of who we were yesterday.

So how can you make it happen? In real time, not just trying it once or twice and going back to the old way.

Lets talk about a recent upleveling I've gone through. I decided to eat a different way. One that does a better job of supporting both my mental, physical and spiritual bodies. I knew my why when I got into it. The new habit didn't happen overnight though. I had been thinking about it, and taking small steps toward more of this new way for several months before fully stepping in.

Consider how can you take small steps, to try out this new energy, or new activity. Then do it with compassion. Too often people get into an all or nothing scenario It's not black and white, so how to move more toward it, but not forgetting your purpose for doing it.

Once you tip the scale forward, look for ways to create support in your environment. This can be in your physical environment. This could be the people around you.

Sometimes there isn't really easy support from the people in your immediate circle. So expand your circle into more people who do the thing you are interested in integrating. My plant based eating, I looked for like minded people, I had lot of people I followed on Instagram and I watched youtube videos to keep me motivated. I kept my refrigerator stocked with the types of things I wanted to integrate to make it really easy to make those choices.

And when I didn't always make the best choice I never beat myself up over it. I just say, I'm continuing to move in the direction that's best for me.

It's so important to have compassion for yourself. Especially in times where you know you might get off track. You will never serve anything by beating yourself up. So if you don't get what you expect or if you slip back into old activities, just accept that it happened, and think about what's next.

Also consider other areas or aspects that you can get an energy bump. An energy bump can be amazing in helping you move through old patterns.

For myself, if I get in a spot where I feel stuck, or I can't remember my motivator. I look for other modes to bring in an energy bump. Here's my list to make that happen:

Songs that make me dance

Songs that make me sing

Things that make me laugh ( I have a Pinterest board specifically for this)

Cleaning out a space (narrow this down please, don't choose your whole house, maybe just the freezer or refrigerator)

Soaking in the sun

Make your own list. Having tools at your fingertips is essential to upleveling. When you are creating a new energy it's easy to fall back into the old, but it takes different or other aspects coming in to allow you to shift from the old to the new.

I hope this helps you with your evolution, and you have a better idea about how to help yourself.

Evolution is so invigorating, but sometimes we can't see patterns where we are stuck or if we see them we can't understand how to move past them. I can help you identify the underlying subconscious blocks you might not be able to identify. You'll never regret investing in a better you. If you are curious or want to work with me. I invite you connect with me. All sessions are 1;1 over the phone, I do however have in person capabilities in the Sioux Falls area.

Contact me through:, or 605-691-4312

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