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I watched a Tom Petty documentary on Netflix over the Christmas break, and I loved it. Of course I'm naturally drawn to documentaries, because I just love to hear the story about a person, I've naturally been drawn to that my entire life. So we got to learn about the journey of Tom and his band, and the shifting sands of his members.

He's talking at one point in the documentary about I'm walking around with this riff "the waiting, is the hardest part" and I had this section for weeks, and I'd sing it over and over, and I'm sure the other people in my apartment are like seriously can you sing something else, and then it came to me one day, the rest of the song just came to me. And he's able to come up with this iconic song.

And that sent my head into a virtual tailspin, that his process is so similar to how the creative process (any creative process) works. You get one part, one inspiration, and you try that out over and over, or look at it, or have supper with it, or whatever it is. Then eventually you create a little space and the rest of that inspiration comes in.

I can't tell you how many times, I've painted something, then I get to a point where I need to just walk away, and think about it, come back and one day out of the blue, the next part comes in.

The amazing part of this is, it's always there. the inspiration, the idea, the solution, the glasses you thought were lost forever. You ask, you ponder, and then it's there.

Without fail. How amazing that we all have this ability to pull in creative genius, where there is always an answer, there is always a solution, and we always get what we need.

And the more you flex that creative genius, the easier it all comes in. I have also found that if you voice your question, and figure out a way to forget about your question or distract yourself, it comes quicker.

Amazing. And this is an amazing gift we all have, not just genius scientists, or master artists. You can connect to this. To help you do amazing stuff. I am a firm believer that we didn't come here to be 'meh' or average, or be sort of apathetic toward our lives. We're here to immerse ourselves in our own creative genius and do that amazing thing that touches other peoples hearts and inspires their own creative genius.

So don't wait one more minute. Connect to your creative genius and go do something amazing!

Or if you need help connecting to your creative genius, connect with me. I currently take 1:1 clients over the phone or Sioux Falls area, lets work together create positive shifts in your life, or find out what your amazing hidden talents are.

Contact me at

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