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Creative is our nature

What if I told you, that to deny your own creativity was to deny your own true self?

At the very core of who we are is creation, and creativity. The question you might ask is how conscious are you of the things you create?

If not acknowledging our creative nature creates separation from the self, why do we do it? Why do I still come across people who have disconnected form this part of themselves? I have 5 suggestions about why this happens.

1) Someone told you it was wrong. Because our systems and structures are set up with guidelines, and rules, we are use to this idea of is it right or is it wrong. And the idea is fully based on someone else definition for creating that rule. So someone along the way decided that we would use rectagles attached to lines to park our cars in a parking lot. So if you are going to sit down and redesign the layout or flow of a parking lot, you've got to undo a lot of pre-determined ideas about whether what you draw is right or wrong if it's not rectangles attached to lines. All new ideas begin with stepping outside the boundry of what's already been pre-determined. In fact to have a creative idea, it almost by nature has to be something not defined. So if someone told you it's wrong. You are probably on the right track.

2) You felt disempowered once someone pointed out that your creation is not like it's suppose to look, or you felt judged because of it. Because of our heavily structured systems we live in. Thinking outside of those rectangles isn't always embraced. In fact, going against the rectangles means that people will look at you and likely immediately judge it. But heres the other beautiful thing about creativity, by nature, it is also suppose to stretch your mind. So the first reaction maybe judgement but that just shows you the structure that's already there, take people by the hand and take them with you through your thinking, and you will help them think differently too.

3). You don't know what to create. Guess what, you already are creating. Except your creations all flow through those systems and structures we just talked about. So it doesn't feel like your creation, because technically its not. Its a product of a system from a collective people. Or one person a bunch decided to follow. So you are creating, only it feels like a mis-creation because it's not your own. The first step to get beyond this is to recognize where you are not taking active accountability for what you create. Recognize you can be an intentional creator, and beyond this, thinking about what you really want. Start with something small. How about the morning you just had. If you were an intentional creator is that what you'd want it to look like? If it's not, think about tomorrow or this evening when you get home, what do you want? And what does it take to create. Many times a shift in thinking and energy can go a long ways to intentionally creating.

4). You say you have no imagination. A great way to stir up the imagination is just to ask a question, or be curious about something. I wonder what's in that building, I wonder why they put bales in circles instead of rectangles. I think that lake is man-made, what do you think? The power of the question, and what the question does to the mind, is it sets you off on a quest. To answer the question, and your imagination is the vehicle to bring some possible answers to the quest. And the more fun you can make your responses, the more you engage your imagination. Ah, yes, I'm pretty sure that building is what they use to store all the inventions that are too dangerous for public consumption(that's actually a netflix series btw). Oh I know why they make circular bales, its because at night the cows come in and roll them all into a big obstacle course and if they were rectangles they couldn't move them back so easily when morning hits. (really the more outrageous the better).

So you see it's pretty easy to insert your imagination to pair with curiosity.

5). You are already using your imagination, except currently , you are mis-using it and creating all the stuff you don't want. You might be using your imagination to relive and rehash the stuff that happened in your day to day life, perhaps while you are laying in bed at night, so you can re-live all the negative prospects of how you handled certain situations. Stop doing that! It's a gross misuse of your imagination time. And here's the other thing you need to know, because your imagination is such a powerful tool, by imagining the worst, you are essentially re-living it right here and now, physical aspects and all. Don't do it! Its bad enough you went through it the first time, don't volunteer to do it a second time. Use your imagination for good. To create all the things you'd love to have. Imagine it with such detail that you can feel it right here and right now. Thats the true use of imagination.

I hope all this helps you to become more aware of your creative nature and encourages you to connect back with this powerful tool that we are all equipped with.

If you need help stepping back in to your playful, imaginative self, I'd love to connect with you and assist you in shifting, and help you be the intentional creator you were always meant to be.

I am available for distance and in person sessions (Sioux Falls) by appointment.

Or contact me to learn about how an intuitive art party could be a super fun gathering to bring you and a group of friends back to your creative selves.

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