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Are you intuitive?

Let me start out by saying of course you are. But think about how in tune we are to intuition in terms of degrees of awareness. I just got done reading a book about energy healing, the author was essentially born with an innate knowing of what is happening about what was happening inside of a persons physical body, and what is causing it and through guidance could channel healing energies to the location and see disease leaving, new cells being formed, and over several sessions helped people to heal.

There was a chapter about being empathic. I would claim to be empathic most of my life, but intuitive skills came about more recently. Being empathic means you can feel what other people feel in their own bodies. And almost to a certain degree you might also be able to predict a feeling as well, I'm sure this is a different skill outside of empathy, maybe more psychic.

It took me quite some time to be aware that the feelings I had in my body were not always my own. I might be anxious when someone was getting in trouble at school, or I might find myself switching moods quickly when someone new would enter the room, only to find out they had a bad day, or some other kind of stressor.

Learning more about what this was has been a quest on my own, I have been drawn to metaphysical books for at least a decade and through my learnings have become more empowered with the knowledge I have gained. Through this, I've learned how to discern what is mine and what is not mine. And can quickly shift what I do not want to feel (that wasn't mine to begin with).

Intuitive skills have likely been there all along, but only recently have I been able to 'remember' these more fully. See I think we are all pretty sharp with our own intuition as children and through conditioning and regularly ignoring those senses we dull our perception of them.

One area that can be a barometer for us is our emotions. Our emotions are present to show us discord, or anywhere there is a mismatch with our home frequency. Many times when you are in an emotional state that has a heightened sense to it, like anger, frustration, sadness, etc. it's difficult to see the forest for the trees, because you are fully in it. But if emotion is a messenger, once it's released, we should look at what was the message?

Keep these ideas in your mind as you walk through processing. What if I held the notion, that when I have an emotional spike, it's because something is false about what I tell myself or who I truly am. What is the statement that is untrue?

Here's an example. Let's say my daughter let the cat outside on accident. And she was out there for an hour or so before someone realized it. Most bystanders would look at that as a simple accident and move on. But what if after sharing it with others in the family, she starts to feel bad about what happened, and she tells herself an inner story like. Why am I so careless, or how can I be so irresponsible. And this then triggers more emotion and probably a cry.

The original situation itself, is just an accident. The things we prescribe after this is the story that isn't true, and likely what you need to release. So next time you have an emotional situation, look for the story you are telling yourself, and ask if this is really true. If it's not, release it.

Need help finding or releasing those areas causing discord? Having a hard time deciphering what your emotions are telling you?

I am available from phone and in person (Sioux Falls) sessions. Let's help you connect back with your true intuitive self.

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