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Convergence is where two separate things come together to make something new, or a new whole.

Prefix: con equals together

Verb: verge equals to turn toward

I had the idea initially with this piece that I wanted it to feel water-color-ey with some blending. My inspiration was actually a grass field where grass meets the sky and flowers are speckled in and amongst the grass.

As with any joining there is sort of a sparkle of excitement for the new, so I felt like where the colors blended there should be a focal point.

Still with the flower idea, I sort of saw ‘c’s going around the specks in the center and eventually making a half flower or crown with some dimension lighter and heavier, showing near and far. With some highlighting multidimensional glitter.

I added a resin coat to this one because it gives the painting a forever wet feel and the colors become vibrant and pop out.

Where in your life do you feel the convergence of two things coming together and making something new?

I had this aha moment yesterday where I was contemplating taking my business and all the skills I had build along the way with my 9-5 job. It sort of became a convergence of something completely different I hadn't considered before, but it got me really excited.

If you feel you are in a time of creating something new, perhaps you need a convergence of two things you already know. And perhaps you need this painting in your space to remind you ;)

If this one calls you, click buy now, and I’ll send it with all the energy you need for your perfect convergence.

With love.

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