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The article that erased itself

I have to tell you this blog is coming through wet eyes, you guys. I wrote three beautiful paragraphs that I meant to share with you all, and my screen went white. I have no idea what just happened. Ghandi. Can't undo, can't paste. nowhere. *sigh*. It was really good too, a really nice stream of consiousness with thought provoking questions. I read through it just to see how it felt. I got to the last word, not even sure what I clicked, but boom, disappeared. Never to return.

Deep breathes. OK

So here it goes, I guess that one was just practice for this article that you all are suppose to read.

How are you today? If you just said 'fine' in your mind, cancel and delete that. We are more creative than that. Use your words. Feel into it. How are you? Are you overwhelmed? Are you relieved? Are you a bit groggy? Are you optimistic? Ok, that's better. Delete Fine from your catalogue it never really describes you. Besides, 'fine' just disconnects you from the real how you feel.

How many of the questions you answer in a day come from niceties and social norm? Or unconscious thought?

I have this sort of difficult time with small talk. Despite the fact that I'm generally a bit shy until I get to know a person. And I feel like if you are going to use words, that it should come from a place of who you are and how you are, not a social norm.

You never make true connection talking about the weather. Or discussing your favorite sport teams failure.

Here's how I might start a conversation without small talk:

Hi there, so, tell me about what it was like growing up in your house as a kid. What was the one thing that sort of rocked your world. Do you still carry pieces of that thing?

Or what's your favorite thing to do? If you had an entire day, undistracted, what would you do? What activity would you do? Who else would you spend it with? And Why?

Or what is one thing you learned from your grandma, that you will remember always?

I believe we are all here to make connection with others. And we learn and grow by being who we really are. And the sooner we can show that to people the easier it is to connect!

Dare to connect on your next social interaction;)

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