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What's your idea?

Tell me your off the wall idea.....Come on, you know you have one. Something you've had rolling round in the back of you mind for some time now, A harebrained thing that seems almost inconceivable to make or come into fruition. Maybe it's something you want to try, or create, or teach others. Sometimes people have this crazy something on the ready to share when I ask that question, others are protecting their idea, like they are still nurturing it, not quite ready for other people to see it.

When I do art workshops I tell people you will likely get inspiration for the end results of what that should look like, that doesn't mean you need to make that exact painting, it's the inspiration. It means you can use this to help you create the next steps. Maybe the colors, the feelings, the essence of the thing is what should be guiding you through your next steps.

Did you know that once you are in a flow this makes you the magnet to bring all things to you. This works a large percentage of the time. I will create a piece of art completely submerged into the feeling and flow, and soon after I get someone calling/texting me for scheduling an appointment. Or some other opportunity then opens up more abundance for me.

You don't have to be good at art. There are so many things you can do that put you in this space of flow, where there is unlimited abundance. Think about those things that light you up. That you could spend hours and hours doing, and you never feel tired or zapped by doing it.

Everything in your life has led you to this point that you are currently. It's like a perfect convergence of, learning, and opportunity, and all the skills, and knowledge for what you currently have today is based on how you have taken advantage of what you have.

I create my life. Try that statement on a few times. Do you believe this? Are there areas of your life where you feel a victim to circumstance? Or are allowing others to trump what you know in your heart? Time to let go of those paradigms and thoughts. That's just not you.

You are the maker. You create the things around you. The opportunities, the fun, the joy, the adventure. And it's time to take responsibility for all of it.

So that off the wall idea you have, go somewhere and write it down. Give yourself 20-30 minutes to put pencil to paper. and then brainstorm more about it. What does it look like, how does it feel? Do you get more ideas once you dive into your first idea? There's a reason it's sticking in your mind. It's your inspiration, you are suppose to do something with it. Or it's suppose to lead you in a direction.

OK, no more waiting, just go explore it now. No more time to waste. Honor your idea so more can come.

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