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My HR career can buy lottery tickets

Oh how strange of a feeling to have a career that is now old enough to be considered an adult. Not saying this is my complete work history, but my professional work history as an HR is encompassed of almost 2 decades of experience.

If I had thought more about how I was growing and nurturing something to adulthood. I would have payed more attention to those toddler tantrums early on, or that awkward puberty stage where I was likely experiencing big changes and trying to grow into my own skin with where I fit.

I’d say one of the proudest moments has to be the amount of change I can see in myself. Starting out feeling very unsure of myself and wondering if this was really what I invested 4 years of college to do, and then patiently waiting for opportunities to grow and expand into what I knew I could be.

It takes a village though they say, and I’d say that's true for a career too. You can't just build talent and skill in a silo, it takes lots of experiences and support. Especially for those times when you don’t think you can’t do it on your own. You’re support network, camaraderie and like minded people are always there to help hold you up when you are fed up or don’t want to do it anymore.

I don’t look at having an adult career as something sad, something that has left the nest, but an opportunity who has still the entire world in front of them. Only limited by the boundaries of my imagination. The motto from this growing up and through has to be, if you can imagine it, it’s yours. That's how I’ve grown from infancy to adulthood. Long road through, but lots to come too. Yay me!

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