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I miss the sunshine, well to be more specific, I miss the warmth and sunshine. The last several weeks

I've noticed my energy start to decline, harder to get out of bed, just a lot less vigor to do the regular activities I do every day. Feeling some mild depression start to creep in.

In August I switched to a plant based diet, and felt an immediate shift in my energy levels, just feeling lighter. So my recent down-tick in energy had me a bit concerned.

I follow a few accounts on Instagram that have similar interest for plant based eating, and some who eat completely raw foods. I decided to get the old juicer out and mix up a couple of juices, and almost within the day noticed the difference in my energy level. I'm now onto about a week of including juicing into my daily regimine and I am almost ready to give up my coffee in the morning. That's a huge thing for me, I love my coffee, but I notice a huge crash in the afternoon, so I'm ready to just keep myself at a more consistent level of energy throughout the day.

And to be really honest, I feel like I get a really great burst of energy through a green juice in the morning, so I'm not missing it too much.

The long and short of this, is that what you intake, has a direct impact in how you feel. In the winter months, when it can be dangerously cold out and we spend alot less time outside, you have to bring some outside in. Plants are a great resource for this.

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