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Creative Hi jinks

I won't lie I had to double check that I spelled hi jinks correctly. For the record my first crack at that was wrong.

I see the last post I did was about a month ago. When I see that much time has passed, I feel like I should apologize to my blog. You deserve more attention than that. I promise I'll try to be better.

So what have I been up too lately, why has it been so long or so few and far between? Well. To tell the truth, I've been sulking a bit. I mentioned before that I don't have the same art setup in my new place that I had in the last place, so unfortunately I've been using that as an excuse to create less. Here's my list of excuses:

-my basement is too dark

-my future art studio shed is not finished (much less started)

-I won't start because I'll just get interrupted

-and here's the biggest lie I tell myself, why am I creating art anyway, it's not like I can make a living off it (yes, I said that to myself, now cancel and delete that last statement ;). What a load of crap!

Ok, here it is, I woke up today and went through the same line of excuses and I pushed through them, I just set them in the back of my mind, and I made myself get busy. Because I feel better when I create, and what I really need is to connect back into the flow that helps me know that yes, this is something that needs to come into the world and I had the idea for a reason, so get going with it!

Begrudgingly I did it. And I didn't stop to think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity anyway. Today's creative flow, then is dedicated to all things scanography. Yes, scanning as in from your printer. Google it, there are some super awesome images you can create. So here I went pulling ideas in and putting them in motion. One after the other. Some turned out better than others, but that's how it is with any process.

I had lunch, and maybe because I sat still too long I felt the voice starting to creep in again. And I said, that's not happening, I am in a creative flow, so I used a tried and true antidote for shifting energy. I turned on some awesome tunes, and I kept going, scanning and editting, scanning and editting. It felt wonderful. I get such a high from creating and getting in that flow. I'd call it 'creative hi jinks, making something and having fun while doing it. I'd highly recommend it to everyone.

Here's the result of my session today. I hope you feel inspired to push past your excuses today to do something that makes you feel awesome.

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