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Took a drive yesterday. The colors on the way are so amazing, green turning to yellow, orange, some red, then eventually brown. I looked to the left to see a house that has a tree with a canopy of yellow, and how the yellow cast a warm hue on the house near it. And I realize it's a new color. Likely only created on this day with this light, and this canopy of leaves on this house. It's a split second look with all the intricacy I just typed out, plus all the things you can't put into words but that you feel instead.

I reach my destination, roll the window down, close my eyes to enhance my other senses, hear the leaves rustling, kids laughing and running across the street, gravel crunching under their feet, further away leaves rattling and loosening from the trees above.

Breathe deep. Take in the smell, it's dusty, and it's warm, and it's warm dusty leaves, with a hint of someone burning in the backdrop.

That moment lasted less than a minute. I feel completely relaxed, refreshed, and totally engaged with the moment.

Driving back I recognize the opportunity. Turn off the music, crack the window, open the sunroof, let the light stream in. Just me in my car, driving down a road, seeing the sights, completely centered within myself. Deep breathe in. Release.

Part of me wants to hang on to this moment, silence, sun, smells, sensations. Just between from there to here. And I can't stop thinking of the yellow canopy..... When you edit photos you can warm the temperature of them. Nature did that perfectly.

Passing by trees. More new colors. Yellow toward the center and green on the outsides? Curious? How does that happen? Doesn't matter, it looks amazing. Completely centered and yet detached. Just observing, watching it all.

It's in the moment. And you can have a moment anytime you choose. The reason it feels so wonderful is you release the past and the future and you are here now. You turn up all your senses to be completely in it, and you look, smell, sense, feel, everything that is in this moment.


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