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The Space Between

I heard the name for this article and had no idea what it would be about, but I always hear. just trust the process, it'll all make sense soon. So here we go.

What does the space between mean to you? Here's what it means to me. Most of us divide our lives into chunks. Mini goals to get to the next thing, or achieving a goal and then striving toward the next.

The space between these chunks is where the majority of your life happens.

The space between is where you can sit back and reflect on how wonderful something just was, or how you might be anticipating your next move. The space between is what helps us solidify the reality of what just happened. I had this really strange moment this weekend. That was literally a space between, I went to meet some college friends for a gathering Saturday night, and as I said my goodbyes on Sunday morning, I have a moment where i am alone.

All by myself walking into a gas station, independently choosing my coffee in the gas station, I stand there and for just a couple seconds, take a deep breathe. And I feel invigorated all the sudden, being completely within myself, making a decision for just me in this moment. To any bystander I might just look like I can't decide but that's just not it at all. It's me standing completely within myself, making a decision for myself, and soaking in this environment.

I pay for my coffee, walk out to the car, and notice, the sun, the breeze, the sea gulls above. All an extension of this very moment. If I'm being completely honest, I have to admit that I'm not really even sure what that moment was with the coffee, but it felt good, and in this space outside of that moment, I can still feel what I did at that very time.

Most of us, go about our lives on autopilot, rushing, waiting, anticipating, dreading. But here's the thing, when you are in a constant state of never completely being in a moment with yourself, waiting for the next big things, you're not with it, you are somewhere else and you miss all these small opportunities, in the space between. If the majority of your time happens in the space between, why are you not making the best of those moments? Instead of wishing and waiting for the next best thing?

Life is the sum of all it's parts, so, if we only pay attention to the highlight reel, we miss lots of opportunity for all the things we can get just by connecting back with ourselves.

You don't need anything special to connect back to your self within your self. You are always there, you just need to decide to do it.

In fact, now is the perfect moment.

Stop........close your eyes........take two deep open your eyes to be completely centered right in this moment. No future no past, just right now, in the present, you with yourself, completely here. Notice how good that feels. It's always been you. Sure we have different roles we play at this time, place or space. But you, have always been you. From the time you were little to now, this very moment.

And guess what as you connect back to yourself, and you take more time and frequency to do this, things become clearer, you feel more empowered, you understand that all you ever really have is this moment, and yourself.

Thank you.

Having difficulty centering your thoughts? Do you have a hamster wheel of thoughts, stress and anxiety going on in your life? Unsure where to start, or get on the path you set out for?

I'm happy to help, contact me for a healing session and let's get you centered and on a better path.

More questions about Theta? Check out the link on this website.

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