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The Energy Around Us

Ok we've all probably heard about this idea of feeling energy when you walk into a room, which could include excited happy energy or tense dense energy, depending on what just happened with the people in the same vicinity.

I am so super excited to that we are now in our new house and finally getting settled but I have one small beef, and it's turning out to be a bigger thing than I had originally thought. In our previous house the rooms were separated out between, kitchen, living space, bedroom areas, family room etc. In the new house there is a great space that includes living room, dining room and kitchen no walls no doors between.

We are like alot of families I believe in that we watch TV in the evenings. And almost every hour there is a negotiation of sorts of what we watch. The 4 year old wants a kids show, the 41 year old wants sports, or some variation of a wilderness show, while the other two kids separate into their own rooms to watch what they want on some other device.

I haven't really noticed how sensitive I have become to the background noise of a TV, but I can certainly tell you it makes a huge difference in how I feel. I have long advocated that my kids never watch spongebob, as the voice just grates on my nerves and it creates this high pitched squeal that just aggravates overtime, still with me? Well I wish there was a door, a door I could just close that would contain the TV noise because the TV along with the noise emits energy, energy from the subject, content, and creation of the show. Whether we are sensitive to this or not, this energy is emitted just by having it on. So next time you are feeling like your nerves are a bit 'grated on' look to see if the TV is on, then walk over turn it off, and tell your kids and husband to go play outside.

I have a friend that also pointed out to me that she doesn't use her microwave, because it feels to her like it creates a charge around her (not pleasant). I can totally relate! Remember when microwaves first came out, and then all this talk about the waves that they emit? I'm sure construction is alot better now a days but I could totally see that someone sensitive to energy can feel what comes off the microwave. Guess what people, we are all sensitive to energy, whether we are aware of it or not.

Ever have a crap day at work, and instead of kindly releasing all that crap before you walk in the door, you hang on to it and mull it over in your mind, and spread that shit to anyone who will listen? That is energetic irresponsibility. And that is not the time we live in folks. We are energetic beings and we are responsible for the energy we bring. It is not your kids fault you had a bad day, dump that stuff at the door because guess what, they are energetic beings too, and likely as you are grumbling around finding every little thing wrong, and not voicing the reason behind the issue in the first place your kids are wondering what the heck is wrong with mom? And then subsequently steering clear of you for the rest of the evening.

So here's the lesson, all of these topics may seem unrelated but they are all connected. We are energetic beings and as such, it is in our best interest to pay attention to our environment we live in, what type of energy we allow into it, either passively or actively. We need to pay attention to our own energy, what we hang on to and allow to pervade, or what we release.

Practice good energy hygiene, make note of what you bring into the space. Turn off the TV for a while (actually have a conversation, it's so old fashioned it might be retro) Dump your stuff from your day, at the door, and hold others accountable to do the same. You all live in the same space, it's much nicer with nice energy.

That is all ;) thanks for reading.

Issues with energy? Interested in learning more about areas of your life that are stopped or blocked and what is behind those things?

I currently take clients over the phone and in person to help remove these. Hop over to my Theta Healing page to learn more about it.

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