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I had a strange dream last night where there were all these happenings that kept coming up in separate places but they were related and connected somehow.

I usually spend a few minutes in bed mulling over anything I need to pay attention to from those dreams for my upcoming day. Because often dreams are part of our subconscious that we need to pay attention too.

I got two things. The first was 'watch for two' which made no sense to me, and the second was pay attention to synchronicity today.

Today is the day the packers came to box up our stuff, so at 8:30 this morning 6 ladies came in and boxed up all our possessions. As I was chatting with one of them I mentioned where I work, and she asked if I knew Jen? I said of course I know Jen, I've worked with her for years! Turns out she's a cousin of hers! oh and another lady on the crew, she's a cousin to her husband! Small world? I guess so!

There was two.

Later in the day after the crew leaves I'm walking around doing some cleaning and I notice a stack of empty boxes from when we moved to Redwood Falls from Brookings. I went to start to deconstruct them for recycling as I thought they were empty, and I get to the bottom box, there's still stuff in there. Shoot! we missed something. This is what I pull out. A phone book from the year we left Brookings, and a house warming gift from our realtor there. I couldn't help it I just broke down.

Of all the days to 're-find' these gems, on this day I did.

I think I needed this reminder on this very day of two things.

1) We are all connected. If you are 20 minutes or 2 hours away, we are only '6 degrees of Kevin Bacon' from each other. If you don't know what that means, google it.

2) 'Every new beginning, comes from some other beginnings end' yes I totally stole that from a '90's band. The day these were packed up, I was having alot of the same feelings I am right now, about missing friends, and feeling sad, and nostalgic. But in the time I've been in Redwood, I've made more amazing friends then I ever thought I would. And although it's sad to go, it's not that far, and the people who you really care about are only a phone call away.

Parker SD, you've got alot to live up too, can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Take care everyone!

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