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How old were you when you stopped believing in magic? That should strike a cord with anyone who believed in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. And I bet you went immediately to the moment where your parents or the kid in the back of the bus said it's all a big farce, some imaginary scheme made up, never was real, never is real.

For some of us, that magic might have still extended to watching illusionists, or magicians in shows where we wonder, how could he pull a dove from his sleeve? Did he really make that bunny disappear? How did he do that?

I'm talking about the magic of believing in something that you can't see or explain. It doesn't make logical sense, but your brain can't comprehend how else it could be happening.

I have to admit that I am part of this club, I remember the moment I learned Santa wasn't real, when my mom sat me down and said, Santa is alive in your heart. To be honest, I really did have a feeling all along that it wasn't as my parents were making it out to be, but I was also receiving benefit to just keeping the lie going so I wasn't about to speak up and miss out.

So there it was, the moment I stopped believing that anything outside of your physical reality could exist. But it didn't feel like a good enough answer for me, not quite a complete picture of what I was understanding of my current reality.

In my 20's I started gaining more interest in all things metaphysical. In fact, I might even say I was a 'closet reader' of all things other worldly and self help. I became interested in learning more about theories of what happens to people when they die, I read countless books on 'past lives' and how your emotions are tied to your intuition, and how at some level we all chose the people and circumstance you currently live. I went on like this for years. Always curious but never beyond the books I read. Then I met a few amazing friends who completely opened my mind up to all the things I had been reading about for years. The world of energy. And when I use that term I really mean it in an all encompassing sort of way. Everything in your physical reality is made up of energy, but there are lots of things that are not as easy to perceive, unless you tune yourself into them. This is the type of energy I had been exploring. Most of you are familiar with my eventual shift to doing energy healing and if you're not, you can find out more on my website. But the whole point of my story is this.

Our parents don't set out to scar children and their belief system, but what if by perpetuating the story it helps kids understand that there are things beyond just what you see or perceive? All children come in with abilities to sense energy, which is also why it's so easy for them to believe in something magical. What if we allowed ourselves to take ourselves back again to a time where you can believe in things that are there but you can't see? What if we opened or expanded our minds to allow a greater perception of these things. Or even asked how are these 'non-physical' things impacting my life? In my current work with clients, these things can look like self limiting beliefs, these can be energy blocks attached to the collective, these can be fears and traumas left over from the past. Things you can't currently perceive in a physical reality (unless it's progressed to 'illness' in the body). Energy is everywhere. How can you align your energy to help you create your best life?

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