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Face your Fears

Well, today I did it, I gave my first speech at Toastmasters. And the good news is, I survived. Some may think, how silly! She presents at work all the time, but I never have to talk about myself, I'm usually presenting material for the work I do.

My speech today was about 3 things few people know about me, I did feel a bit exposed, but when it was all said and done, I felt good. Like I just went through something, and maybe I'm not so bad at it. And maybe just maybe someone took something from what I said and it made them have a better day.

Ever wonder this? How am I impacting others today? How do my interactions with the people around me make others have a better day. When you talk to someone and they walk away, are they better for having talked to you that day? Or did you pass a cloud of doom and gloom to them for something that annoyed you that day? Or is it a neutral experience (some could call that a lost opportunity).

I believe that each and every one of us, is a powerful being, we can use power to build up or break down. Many don't realise they have that type of ability Having an opportunity, to speak to a group of 20 people, today, I chose an attempt to inspire.

I spoke about how instead of walking around or away from your fears, that you are better off going through them, and I truly believe this, that usually on the other side it's better. Better because you've conquered something you didn't think you could, and sometimes, if those things enliven you enough, you may find your lifes work. What an awesome feeling.

So again if you made it this far thank you for the read. And I dare you. Think about what you fear, and how you'll work to go through it instead of around it. Let me know how you turn out ;)

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