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Heart Spaced Living

I find that the times I struggle the most are when I am stuck in a head space and not my heart space.

If you put some time and attention on that right now, feel the difference between those to areas. For me the head space feels shallow and reverberates, bouncing back and forth without really creating direction.

If I center into my heart space, it feels deep, almost limitless, and hearing or feeling into it makes me feel supported and more myself.

When you move into heart centered living, all of the head things fall away, living from your heart means aligning all areas of your life in integrity. Meaning that you are not a different person at work, than you are at home, you say the same things to your partner, that you would tell your best friend. Heart spaced living means that it doesn't work if you only do it when its convenient. A lot of times heart spaced living means letting go of the things that aren't in alignment to make room for what is fully you.

If you were given a blank slate right now and someone told you, here is your magic wand, and with it you can create exactly what you've always dreamed. What does that look like? If you look at what this is a bit closer, you'll see that there is something about this creation that you were actually meant to bring.

The universe is patient, and will allow you to ignore those little nudges and pangs that show up in your heart space for a little while, but if you aren't listening or push that away for too long, they will get louder, until you have no choice but to listen. Where are you at on this spectrum? Are you getting nudges and still ignoring them? I'd encourage you to stop for a moment and just explore what those are. Ask questions about why that keeps coming up, what is this trying to tell me? If I had to go all in with what my heart is telling me, what does that look like?

All new starts with shedding who you are not, so hopefully you are actively releasing those things you have picked up along the way, but it's just as important to decide what is your heart centered creation. What am I here to do? Who am I suppose to inspire? What am I suppose to teach? I can guarantee if you are reading this letter you are here to inspire or teach. Because I know with the deepest core of my being that I am here to teach and inspire those around me. It's a journey within, to bring along those outside of you.

Do one small thing today to pull you more into heart spaced living. What can inspire you or help you give to yourself today?

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