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Being a catalyst

People limit their thinking all the time when it comes to creativity. Immediately people go to artistic endeavors or "other people" who they know who do this. I believe it is innate in each and every one of us. And I'm going to show how expanding creativity helps in every aspect of your life, not just growing a hobby or developing an artistic skill.

I heard a statistic the other day that most of the jobs our kids will do in the future have not been created yet. What does that mean? Well, it means we need to evolve just as quickly as future demands put on us, it means we can't just settle for a job that has been pre-identified. We need to be actively encouraging our kids to look for what the need is, and create a way to fill it. That is creativity at its best!

Here are three aspects to consider:

1. Invest in your own development. The mindset you take about your own personal development has a large impact on what the future holds. In essence, if you don't take the time to grow and learn, you talents will likely be ill suited for future opportunity. How you prioritize and grow yourself should be a huge priority for you. If you don't make your own development a priority, no one else will. And you will likely get sucked into work that is unsatisfying and unfulfilling of your overall purpose. So take the initiative to create a plan, start with a needs assessment. What skills and talents could I benefit from developing to create a more expansive work life? Start with a personal mission statement, don't know how to do that? Google it ;). At the core of you, what drives you? Then ask some contemplative questions about, if this is my core and my mission, how is my work life helping me fulfill this? What do I need to grow in order to prepare myself to live and work with this personal mission in mind?

2. Community, the people you surround yourself with, will cumulatively create similar aspects. So generally you are attracted too and attract people with similar characteristics. Take a quick look around at the circles you spend time in. Now go back to your mission statement. Are these people who are around me, supporting me to be a better version of myself? Or do these people perpetuate lots of my negative aspects? Who you spend time with says a lot about you. The people you are around can be inspirational and take you to the next level, or they can pull you into a negative loop. If you notice that the crowd doesn't support your best future version, start to change that up. Look for people you admire. Write down characteristics of those people, and find ways to travel in the same circles. Trade up, and give yourself the gift of a supportive community.

3. Never let the past predict your future. We all can at times, let our previous story get in the way of the best version of ourselves. Many times, the story of our past includes lots of beliefs and stories that are not really who we are. They are made up experiences we've had, and to rationalize or make sense, we tell ourselves a story or make up a belief. If you let your previous story define your future self, this equals stagnation. Its staying in the same loop and expecting something different. Get rid of the stories that are not you! In every single moment you have the choice to reinvent yourself. And be the best version of who you can be. Never be a prisoner of the past. You are always you, and you can choose something different, creativity is at the core of making that successful.

Every characteristic I listed takes creativity. Thinking and doing outside of the present state. Incorporate these three aspects into your daily and weekly life and you will see a wide open future, prepared to create and meet future demands.

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