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Just keep going.

How often have you set your sights on a certain end goal and shortly after you begin you quickly realize you have bitten off more than you can chew. Your end goal is going to test your ability and resolve to reach the end. Part of the way through you look at what you've done so far and a critical voice shows up from the back of your mind. That's not good enough, or that's so far from what you thought it would be, maybe you should scratch it and start over, or maybe you should just give up and take a path of least resistance.

I find so many metaphors in how I create art to the larger picture of things that happen in my life. Yesterday as I was creating this piece of art, I got to my second layer of adding glitter and I stepped back and said. Oh, man, this looks like someone threw up on a canvas. No form or shape, this could have been done by a 5 year old. Instead of letting that voice just determine what I did in that moment, I set it aside for a bit. I picked up another piece and started to work on that one.

I came back after a few minutes and I just sat with this piece, and basically made an intent that there is no problem you can't solve, and no path that doesn't have a solution. So there is a way forward, and this can be a beauty yet. And as often happens I hear some guidance about many small things equaling something big and beautiful.

I remembered running across some aboriginal art on Pinterest the other day and decide to just start in with some dots, and dots that made a shape, and shapes that incorporated a couple of colors, and before I know it I've got a huge ball in the center of my art, and then I can see it, I can see I need more, and filling in half the space brings some focal clarity to the whole painting. and the more I add in I am loving it. And I can't tell if I'm loving it because I shifted something I didn't like, into something I loved, or if I really just love it.

And I think it's both.

This is a prescription for all you do. Step back from what you created, decide if you keep going, try something different or completely scrap it. So many times working through the adversity makes it more rewarding. Like it was totally worth it in the first place.

Wherever you are feeling stuck now, take a deep breath, consider these perspectives, Will you scrap the whole thing, or transform it into something beautiful?

Wondering how you can become an intentional creator in your life? Concerned with your masterpiece so far? Need guidance on what to add for your next layer?

Let me help provide you with guidance and a shift in thinking. Ready to invest in yourself?

I take clients via phone and Skype, for more information on this see my website.

And this piece is available for sale on my Gallery, along with a sister piece, I am selling which would make an amazing pair.

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