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Where are you feeling resistance? Take a moment and feel free to ask that question again directed toward yourself. Where am I currently feeling resistance? Maybe you had an area come up, could be a recent incident, or a big issue that you've been dealing with for a while, could be an area that keeps popping up over and over again.

Resistance is the state of being out of alignment, it is an opposite force imposing motion or 'non-motion' against a flow you are trying to impose. Below are the 3 areas I see resistance pop up mostly.

The first of these has to do with anywhere you have either created a definition for how you want things to go, or you have pre-determined an outcome and how you want something to go.

The second condition resistance exists has to do with doing something that is out of alignment with 'the flow' of the energy of how everything else is going. Think protest, or activism.

The third condition resistance exists has to do with your moral codes, or rules/conditions you have been brought up with.

Before we work through any of the above situations lets first look at what resistance can do for us in a positive aspect. In order to grow a muscle, we need resistance. In essence when you lift weight you put strain on the muscle move it in a way you don't normally do or do a repetitive motion or lift something heavier than you normally do. After this type of resistance, you might likely be sore for a time, but if your outcome is strength, it's something you need to go through to build muscle.

Resistance, in the majority of cases is s symptom within the mind only. I don't know about you all but I live in the midwest, where I spend a lot of time with 'highly composed' people, who don't generally argue or make a stink about a lot of things.

Most resistance situations will come about in everyday interactions where our minds have done one of the three things above. The really excellent thing about that is, once we bring ourselves back to that consciousness, we can then shift ourselves out. Here are two ways to try

First, definitions are changing all the time. Mobile phone is a lot different today than it was 5 years ago, so just look at your definitions and see if they are up to date too. And if they have included perspective to create the broadest definition.

Second, if you get through the definitions pieces and it still feels like more resistance is there, dig a little deeper, are there connections back to some deep rooted beliefs or conditions you might have accepted long ago?

Most times the first two will help you move swiftly and safely through any resistance you might be facing. If your resistance is running deeper, I'm happy to connect with you to help uncover what might be bringing you discomfort.

I am available for 1:1 sessions over the phone and in person in Sioux Falls.

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