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In the moment

La,La,La,La,La,Let's live in the moment.... (sorry couldn't help myself)

What if the only thing that really exists is this moment? If you stop to feel into the energy of that statement what comes to the surface?

If your mind is focussed on rewinding the tape of things from the past, I should have done this, this didn't go well, etc.

You are constantly in a loop.

If your mind is stressing about the next thing on your plate, I have this to complete. This activity to accomplish next. You are putting your energy into things that haven't happened yet which equals stress.

If the only place that truly exists is this moment, where are you, in this moment? If you are in the past or in the future, bring yourself fully here and now in the present. What do you notice?

You should first notice that pulling your awareness fully into the present feels more whole. That more of you is there. You might even be more aware of your physical state in a now moment. Hopefully you also have awareness of lots of things around you as well which might include whoever else is there with you 'in this moment'.

Are they present? Want to know a really effective way to pull people into the present moment?

Eye contact. It's a long lost art in our current busyness of a day. Eye contact with someone close to your heart, creates a space of 'now-ness'. Try it. I promise, you'll notice more presence when you do. You will feel yourself pulled into the present and this will -through resonance- pull the other person into this moment as well.

This is a lost art to many of us. Plus we are in a time and space where 'being' isn't really valued. We value, what do we do? Think about what you talk about with people. What are you doing today? And we list off the things. Hardly ever on that list, is well I'm going to just stay in the present moment and activity will come from whatever I feel in the present moment. We've already been compiling the list. The mental checklist of these things and the ensuing gratification from checking off the list.

So now that we have a better understanding of the moment. And if we can accept or at least entertain there is only the now, what does this do for us? Well it shifts us from the state of doing, to the state of being. Here is the gift of the present. (catch the pun there?).







Try some moments of presence today. What do you notice?

Is your mind stuck on repeat? Do you notice patterns that keep happening over and over? Feel stuck or unable to move forward? Contact me, I'd love to help you shift to a present moment that helps you bring forth your best self. I am available for 1:1 sessions over the phone or in person in the Sioux Falls area.

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