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I decided to do something different. I stopped following.

Have you ever thought about how many different ways you are currently following?

My Facebook newsfeed, use to be cluttered with publications, websites, organizations, businesses, and I unfollowed literally every one of them. The only thing I kept are friends.

I was noticing more and more that even the topics I was interested in became just a 'reiterating' of the same information over and over again. And being the creative person I seek to be, I decided it is then much more like programing than actually helpful or new info I need to know.

This is really only the first step though, it wasn't just about what I was looking at externally or allowing into my awareness, the second part is really about, what is my voice and what true to me?

I'm not saying that sometimes there aren't helpful perspectives from others, I just was letting that cloud what is true to myself. And even though I may still question what comes up from myself at times, or the words I hear, at least they are mine, and part of my truth.

Are you conscious about what you allow into your awareness? Do you just accept some of these as your truth? or do you ask if this is really what is aligned with what is your truth as well?

OK back to Facebook, many are concerned about what formula or visibility is being allowed to be seen, and people are still talking about the change in Instagram, and what you initially get is fear, what will this mean, will people still see me? Will I still reach the people who need to see me?

What if we just looked at the energy behind what we are trying to create, and detach from any expectation of what that outcome looks like, but trust that our intention is strong, and can connect regardless of the platform. And whatever we get back is always, in our best good.

It's not really a stretch. Before there was a social platform to reach so many, we put out intention and then action steps to move into that intention, and connections, and alignments happen. A lot more in a physical way, creating 1:1 discussions and connections. Aren't we all starved for more of those types of interactions anyway? We spend days and hours buried in our electronic devices, making each of us lonelier than before. So, look for the opportunity. And feel the freedom in being able to trust what comes from your heart and know that by being conscious of what is around you, you can come into alignment with what is around you, and start to pay more attention to that voice inside, that has been there all along.

Still having issues uncovering your voice, and what is the truth of you? I am available for 1:1 sessions over the phone or locally in the Sioux Falls area.

Connect with me through my website or email directly here:

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