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Amazing Creating Skills

I encountered a fairly great example of someone creating this weekend, and I want to share it with you all.

For some time, my oldest daughter has insisted that we get a trampoline in our back yard which my husband and I have resisted. Just this weekend the topic was re-surfaced as we were discussing exactly where I would be placing my garden boxes in the back yard.

Which turns out was just a bit too close to where said daughter had planned that her future trampoline would be placed. We finally agreed on placement, but not before we had unearthed this topic of getting a trampoline again.

At least 5 different times this weekend I heard about this trampoline, and just as I thought the subject had rested. Out of the blue, "Hey mom, guess what?" What Macy? "I think we should get a trampoline". Grrrr.

So I encouraged her to write up her proposal. Why we need a trampoline, benefits and all aspects of what we need to consider. Is she going to do this? Not sure, but maybe in writing it will sound like a better idea to me.

On Sunday when I was sure the subject was dead for the weekend. She gets a text from a friend, asking if she wants to come over and jump on their trampoline.


She was broadcasting her wish all weekend and her friend picked it up. Thank you Macy's friend!

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