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Remove your lenses

What would life be like if you could see things without the lenses you currently use? What is a lens anyway? A lens is anything that you create based on the experiences you have and beliefs around experiences.

And why you ask is it bad to have a lens? Isn't that how I define who I am? Um, no.

Lenses are limiting, lenses have a pre-definition which may or may not be you.

That is most absolutely not how you should define who you are. Lets take a look at an example to understand why.

How many lenses do you look through in a day? How are these lenses holding you captive to living the life that is not your truth?

Lenses are created through judgements and definitions we hold about ourselves. The roles we play and the definitions we accept from others about what those are, and consequently who we are.

What is it to be a good mother?

What is it to be the youngest child?

In either if those descriptors you immediately got a picture in your mind defining those words. The mind tries to qualify and quantify the things it sees around us. If you had a positive experience with your mother you will mostly identify how she was with your definition of what that means.

In this case though, what if your mothers definition included sacrificing her own needs in all cases for her children. Or what if her definition also included equating perfection with love, that in order to receive love and affection you needed to show how you can be perfect in all you do. Do those sound like ways you are expanding or showing the real truth of who you are? Of course not, in fact those were false when your mother had them and you took them on without question. Get rid of those things. They are not you.

We don't just take on lenses through other people, sometimes we create them ourselves. Lets say early on, we experience abandonment, or fear or something that threatened our security. Because it doesn't make sense, our mind makes up reasons why those things happened. I am not worthy of love this why my parent left. Or if I would have behaved better, I wouldn't have made this person so mad, and this bad thing wouldn't have happened. Likely in the moment those made sense to your 5 or 7 year old self, but what happens is we carry these things into our adult lives, and then our environment continues to mirror those things until we recognize them as 'not our truth' and get rid of them.

Here's another big one. Judgement, we decide definitions of things based on the experience of it, but also your feelings on it. Guess where your judgements came from? Pre-conceived ideas of how things are. You had them before you even encountered the situation.

Ask youself as you go throughout your day, how many definitions and judgments have I made about myself and the people around me.

These are distorted lenses, and it's time to get rid of those. If I truly looked at things through a non biased perspective we'd see that any action or activity is neutral until we apply our lenses.

So I'd recommend, stepping outside of your current paradigm. See this as a neutral third party and ask yourself if this is really the truth of a situation. You'd be surprised with how many lenses pop up that you are holding on too that just aren't who you are.

Here's a really helpful clue as you are going through this. If it makes you feel bad, it is generally not true. Sleep on that one ;).

I currently facilitate intuitive healing sessions 1:1 via Skye and over the phone. Let me help you identify limiting beliefs and the root of where these began. Give yourself the gift of discovering who you truly are without the lens!

Hope this help and inspires you today!

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