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Tips for a more expansive day (life)

In a short meditation this morning, I asked for inspiration for my day, and three ideas came to mind, and I want to share them with you because I think these are great tips for everyone.

Curiosity. Find something amazing in a thing that is small. Sit for a moment and find something small that is around you. Study it, what questions come up for you when you look more at the detail? Just allow whatever is coming into your mind to just flow. When you take the time to slow down and ask yourself some questions, you are also allowing yourself to step back from the immediate situation to see there is likely something larger at work. This also expands your thinking.

Another great application for curiosity is just to start asking questions about anything you are working on. I use this so much in my art. And it's such an expansive tool. I have many times in my creative endeavors been interested in different applications or mediums, it's easy for me to get bored quickly, so I often will start asking questions, like, oh hey remember when I use to make those flowers on a headbands? I bet I could combine those into my painting and make them more alive and dimensional. And then don't be afraid when you start to step into those things. Fear is a big killer of creativity. People want it all laid out before they even start, and don't want to veer off in another direction. And true creation from the heart is original, so if you are waiting for perfection or a map, its often going to leave you stuck in not moving forward.

Curiosity and releasing an outcome are key to expanding your life. And don't be afraid to ask a stupid question, often this types of meanderings will let you drop fear, and help you to expand your thinking to a larger solution you wouldn't have had with linear thinking.

Imagination. Imagination generally encompasses activating the right side of your brain. We use the left side of our brains for logical more structured application. The right brain gives you unlimited access to possibilities. If you want to study those people who are the best at imagination, find anyone under the age of 5 and just observe them. Not only are they generally pretty good at staying in the current moment, but they have minds that are not bound by all the useless thinking us adults are use too. Often you will see them making a toy out of something you'd never considered, or tell a story that is so off the wall you can't help but laugh.

Here's a short exercise you can try, won't take longer than 5 minutes. You can either close your eyes or leave them open and stare off into space (preferably at a non-moving object, or while driving a car). Remember in elementary school when you got to the clay chapter in art class? OK, imagine you are back in 4th grad right now, see yourself getting smaller? good. OK your teacher cuts off a chunk of clay and sets it in front of you. And she mentions that the first step is to pound the clay on the table, because you want to make sure all the air pockets are gone, so take your clay and slam it on the table. I'm sure by now, you can also hear all the students around you doing the same thing. But really give it a good whack against the table. You might even let a couple frustrations out as your doing it. ok, good. Now that your clay is all pounded out, start to mold it, shape it into what you are going to make. What am I making you ask? whatever you want to make, it's your clay ;). Start to shape your clay with your hands, noticed that the more you manipulate your clay the warmer it gets and the easier it is to move and mold. Notice your clay also has a smell, sort of earthy, clay smelling. Use water to smooth the cracks, use chicken scratches on any pieces you are attaching. Make full use of the tools given to you in making your creation. Notice your hands getting more caked and dried on clay and how when it dries it feels tighter on your skin. Move, mold and shape until you have created something really beautiful.

What did you make? How did it look once you got it shaped the way you wanted?

Using creative imagery is a great way to expand your imagination, and with any part of your body, what you continue to practice will grow. Give yourself opportunities every day to imagine different things and you'll see these things start to carry over into your daily life.

Be open to learn. Forget black and white thinking. There is never truly just a right and wrong way to do things. Only perspectives on these ideas. So once you release that it has to be this way or nothing, you make room to casually observe and ask what you are learning from these experiences.

Humor. Laughter is good for the soul and good for mind. If you are ever feeling stuck or unmotivated, find something funny to lift your mood. I am an avid Pinterest user and I collect funny sayings and pins on my Pinterest boards, just to be able to go back and have something to chuckle at. Laughter brings a rush of happy emotion to our bodies, and also allows you to not take yourself so seriously and shift your energy when necessary.

Hope these tips are helpful to you.

I am an intuitive healer, and artist. If you need help unblocking your creativity or other aspects of your life, I'm happy to meet with you over the phone or via Skype to uncover what might be at the source of that and help you connect with your best path. Contact me on my website to book an appointment.

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