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For fun, a writing game....

Do you remember this game in elementary where you are given a string of random words and you have to tell a story with them?

Its Friday so let's have a little fun with that. You can do this too, just type in random word generator in google you'll find one that just pulls words from the dictionary. Ok, no rules, here we go:

Regret, Salt, Tick, Thrill, Bang

I regret to inform you the reader that because of your uncontrollable tick, I will need to put you on a strict diet containing Himalayan salt for the remainder of the month. I know you aren't thrilled with the diagnosis but if you want to make sure to get the most bang for your buck, you'll take my advise.

haha, ok, so it doesn't even need to make sense. Lets try another:

wonder ,entertain, embarrass, hammer, suspend

I always wondered how easy it would be to entertain a group of 80 year old women who got their kicks from embarrassing the staff. I didn't have to wait long to find out. I reached for the janitors tool box and pulled a hammer out to show how simple it was to put together a wooden bird house. I reared back with the handle and intent to hit the nail strait on the head, but what happened seemed to be in a suspended time loop. My hand lost grip on my backswing and went flying through the window. The rest is history.

So let's make it even more exciting, 10 words. Here we go:

enchanting, exclusive, rhythm, dislike, glue, nebulous, attract, bathe, support, material

I had an enchanting ride in the country on a horse drawn carriage. The rhythm of the horses put me in a trance like state and I was immediately taken to a time when horses were the primary mode of transportation. The material on my dress was lace and silk, and I had a small dog escorting me on my adventure in the country side. We came to a stop on our journey to let on three more passengers for our afternoon ride, and realize we are all members of an exclusive club where only women (and dogs apparently) are allowed. Unfortunately my dog was not so excited about the additional passengers and took an immediate dislike to the lady sitting next to me. In an effort to create more space between her and I she slides over and her dress gets caught on a nail in the seat and rips it. I offer to help her with some glue but she refuses. Embarrassed she has to deal with this issue. We get to our next stop and as I step out of the carriage I'm immediately attracted to a tall irridescent tower of a maiden bathing in a fountain. What a marvelous piece of art. We've made it to the museum, and I can't wait to see other sculptures and works from the masters. Before we go inside, we are asked to put in a donation, to support the sculpture park and all they are trying to create. Happily I contribute what I can. Inside I see a crowd of people attracted to one particular display, and I wonder what all the buzz is about. From a distance the statue seems nebulous, with hardly any definition. When I get closer I can't believe what I'm seeing, a mirror image of myself in sculpture form......

Oh my gosh, that last one was a lot harder! I actually almost scrapped the whole thing about half the way through.

Can I tell you, this is what happens a lot of time with my art, I start with an idea in mind, and as I continue to shift and shape the idea, sometimes it's not quite adding up to what I thought it would be. What I've learned, is to stick with it. Most of the time, it will shift and morph into something really nice. So here's the lesson then for today, try something fun, and if its out of your comfort zone just stick with it, a bit longer, often there's huge rewards if you do.

Have a great weekend!

I'd love to see your random word generator paragraph ;)

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