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Lets talk for a minute about what that is. Autopilot is the state where you allow patterns of being to overtake individuated thought. Where you zone out and let your pattern recognition take over.

Here's an example, most of you brushed your teeth this morning. (Hopefully). Do you remember it? Not that you did it, but do you remember anything specific about your tooth brushing adventure this morning? Probably not. Perhaps you were on autopilot. Your body knows and recognizes certain patterns of being and just does what it did last time.

How about driving to work today? Remember much about your commute? Or did you just turn on the same streets that you always did and then generally park in the same area you always do?

Autopilot is really great for some things. I wouldn't say I end up with lots of profound ideas while I'm brushing my teeth. But then again I haven't really looked at is as a really profound experience to have either. So there are some pretty obvious autopilot scenarios in our day. I wonder how many things we do on autopilot, that really shouldn't. Can you think of any?

A few come to mind for me, and a lot of them happen around this tiny electronic computer that I keep at my side 24/7. You know what I'm talking about , the device that can be so many wonderful things for the Information Age, but can also be such a distraction from areas we really need presence.

Last night I put our 4 year old to bed. Which usually requires a similar routine each night. We read stories, but they are in front of the TV typically. She asked if we could read in mom and dad's bed last night which I thought was a great idea. And because I was essentially distraction free. She got character voices. And a couple of laughs, and some learning. A deeper engagement from me and for her I am constantly reminded at how quickly things around me change, how fast my kids are growing. I am resolved to get off autopilot with my kids and be present and engaged daily.

Technology is a wonderful gift. But being on autopilot shifting from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email, text, TV Netflix can be a real drain to really living your life.

I challenge you today, to look at the areas of your life you are currently on autopilot and would benefit from taking the wheel and steering how you want those opportunities to look.

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