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Creative Mojo

Ok, you probably haven't heard the word Mojo since the movie Austin Power, have I dated myself yet?

Lately I've had some difficulty finding and consistently connecting to my 'creative mojo'. Most of you are familiar that we just moved and in between getting adjusted to the kids schedules, and getting everyone transitioned and moved in, I just haven't had time to devote to creative endeavors.

It doesn't feel good though. And putting the things I like to do on the back burner is the exact opposite of what I should be doing right now.

I recently had a conversation with a beloved friend of mine and we were chatting about our 'happy places'. This looks like different things for different people, but if you don't spend enough time each week or day in a happy place. Things start to look dull, and crabiness ensues.

My happy place, is engaging in anything creative, drawing, painting, mixed media, teaching, connecting unlike things into something new.

And like I've mentioned before I generally get article inspiration for exactly the thing I need to hear the most. So here's two points we'll discuss before I send you on your way to spend more time in your 'happy place',The first point is list out all the 'excuses' for all the reasons you are not doing your 'happy thing' right now. Go ahead, right now, write it out. We all have a happy place, and we'd love to spend more time doing it. Here's mine:

I really need to clean the house.

The kids need to eat supper.

The laundry is stacking up

I'm too tired, I just want to watch TV

I'll just get up early tomorrow, I'll do it later (whatever variation of this you have)

I'm going to get disrupted, so why start

No time to clean up and do the painting I want to do

No go back through that list and dispell every excuse you just made for yourself.

-clean houses are overrated

-Kids can help cook

-Laundry can wait, or better yet, kids can help with laundry

-If you do the stuff that makes you happy, you will feel energized, TV will never make you feel better after watching it for hours on end.

-You wont get up early, beds are too comfortable

-set boundries, or have your kids occupy other kids

-There's always time, everyone has the same amount, it's all how you prioritize.

Part 2.

Your happy place, makes you more happy, there is a reason why it is your favorite thing, either you enjoy it, you feel more energized when you do it....

Let's talk about the reasons we need to engage in our happy places.

We all need time to check in with ourselves, and see how we are doing. Sort of a 'center yourself' type exercise. If you spend all your time tending to the needs of others, there's nothing left to give. When you make time for yourself and the things that energize you, you will in turn have more energy to help others. Sounds backwards but it works every time. And likely you return to your task list of things to do with a new vigor and maybe a different lens on how to get those things done.

Often, your happy place is a reflection of expressing your true self. We all came here to share and show our own unique talents and gifts, and the things that make you the most happy, the things you get lost in, the things you can't go without, that's part of you for a reason. And likely when you spend time engaging in it, you'll see it expand beyond just the time you spend at it. Other things go better, or may even shift or change so you can have more time for your happy place.

As for me, I am still trying to work this balance, but for today, I'm going to carve out time, to do just this, engage in happy, which for me is anything creative. So I hope you take this to heart and really consider how to spend more time at what makes you happy.

Thanks for reading!

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