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Space to Create

I'm not sure why I always end up posting about things I likely need to hear the most, but here goes another one I could take some time to live out more.

I caught myself in a conversation this morning 'rushing time'. Maybe this sounds familiar. Oh man, I can't wait until the house sells, I can't wait for the kids to get back into school, Only 3 more days of work this week. You can probably pick your topic and insert anything you'd like to rush through to get to the next thing.

And then later in my day as I was chatting with another person on a similar topic, my friends response was, you know what? I started feeling alot better once I just let go of trying to control all that. And I just take each moment as it is. Oh man, those are some sage words that I absolutely needed to hear, instead of rushing through moments you'd rather not 'endure'. Maybe ask yourself a few questions.

Why is this 'thing' unpleasant?

Am I worrying over something that I can even control? If I can control it, could I make a different choice?

And then what is even more important is, well, if I can't control it and I must go through it, how can I make it different next time.

This is where space to create comes in. I am a firm believer that we shape our reality through what we pay attention too and what we focus energy on. And guess what, when we focus on how tough things are, and how can I just muscle through something, you are likely going to have more things to muscle through next week.

I have not made space to create this last month. Almost all my painting projects have been put on the back burner, I find myself tired in the evening with no energy to pick up a pen and do some drawing. And steadily, I'm feeling more and more bad. Because I lost my space to create. I gave it up for other things I deemed more important in the moment. But really, what could possibly be more important than spending time on yourself at the end of the day, with a few thoughts on how you want to make something different tomorrow. And it feels so much better when you can do it and spend time at it.

Space to create, to me is allowing time each day to think about the things that you want in your life, that might be through taking a walk, meditating, coloring, painting, anything that lets your mind relax and allows you to get into a space where you can more clear mindedly plan the things you want for yourself.

So here's where it begins. A new track, for a better tomorrow. I have one hour before bed, and I'm taking that time to create. I hope you find time in your day to create something wonderful too!

Here's some questions to ponder.

What do I wish I had more of in my life?

What's one small thing I could do today or tomorrow to get more of it?

Good Luck!

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