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Smile more.

No really, this isn't some strange woo woo request. It's the best advice I can give. Whether you feel it inside or not, just smile more. Because eventually your inside starts to match your outside. There's probably some science behind that, but my own personal experience would tell you that it works. Force a smile and good feelings follow.

Or find something to smile or laugh at. Have any little kids around? Play a joke, act goofy, play hide and seek, just be silly. There's so much benefit to just having a genuine connection with your kids.

Last weekend my family went camping, not unusual for this time of year, for some reason my little one got slap happy in the car (lack of sleep) if you don't know what slap happy it, basically it's where you are so tired that everything is funny, and then you laugh because you are laughing. Yes, we had that going on in the back seat on the way home. And I thought to myself. I love this moment. I love that I have three kids in the backseat, all filled up with great camping memories, and two of them are trying to keep the laughter going from the 4 year old. There is nothing better, nothing sweeter than hearing that and feeling it in your heart. If you could bottle that stuff, someone would make millions.

Simple as that

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