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What's your story?

We love a good story. Ever watch a movie and forget you are not in the movie but just a person watching the movie?

Sure we do it all the time, we become engrossed in the story line, associating ourselves with one character and living what they go through.

We do the same thing with a good book. We live and breathe the character through every page turn until the last moment when we generally feel sad the story is over.

So what's the deal with a story. Why do we love a good story so much?

Well, through telling a story or listening to a story you can do the following:

* Build common ground. Through learning another persons story, you can relate. Maybe something they have done, you have done. Common interest to build a connection!

* Let people choose you or not, based on what you tell and how they relate. You express things that have meaning and this lets people choose you and your story, or not.

* Inspire! In hearing about someone elses, struggles or triumphs I feel motivated to keep going with my own struggle, or maybe it doesn't seem to arduous once you can connect with another on a similar topic. Or maybe I haven't done it yet, but through listening to this story, I sure feel inspired to try.

* Perspective, trying a different viewpoint based on getting a broader view. Sometimes a story can stretch you outside of your comfort zone and maybe even challenge long standing beliefs, but if no one ever challenged these, we'd miss out on some of the best things.

What's your story? How will you tell it?

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